This Custom PC build Compatible and Good?

Hi first time building my own pc from my own choice of components . build one before but someone else.

PC gamers at work advised me on these components for med-high gaming.

AMD-4350 - Quad Core CPU @ 4.2ghz
Power Colour AMD Radeon 7850 2GB
8GB DDR3 Ram 1600mhz
MSI 990XA AM3+ Motherboard
Antec VSK-4000E Case
Antec Earthwatts 650 Watts PSU
Standard Samsung DVD

comes to £508 on ebuyer.

told not to cheap out on PSU as a cheap one can wreck a whole pc if it blows, this antec one is £68.

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  1. Even a 500w PSU will do for an HD7850.
    Imo you could do better with even a none overclockable Ivy bridge I5 than an AMD FX cpu.
  2. What's your budget?
  3. i dont want to spend more than £500 for a first time gaming pc , it is £509 but thats with delivery. Main quesiton here was regarding compatability , will these work together as adviseD? THANKS guys
  4. They will work, but first of all, the FX 6350 only costs 5 pounds more (at least on amazon), so taking the FX 4350 seems like a bad idea to me.
    But basing your entire pc build over that power hungry AMD cpu seems like a terrible idea anyway.
    Looking at amazon's prices, I'd take a nice new haswell 4430 over the FX 4350. Now that'll cost you about 40 pounds more.
    But, you could use a decent psu like this: which should do fine for your pc, and save yourself about 35 pounds in the process. Your friends at work are right about not cheaping out on PSU, but there's no need for such an overkill either.
    Then, use a motherboard like this:
    Instead of that amd board and save yourself another 15 pounds.
    So 40 pounds more for the cpu -35 for PSU -another 15 for the motherboard, and you've got yourself a less power hungry build, and better for gaming option for 10 pounds less.
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