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Hello everyone, I bought a new Panasonic P42XT50D Plasma 3D TV this week and I hooked it up to my GPU which is Radeon 6850 Cyclone via HDMI. I had a Samsung 32" LCD and I upgraded to 42" plasma. Now, my problem is that I'm not getting smooth display like I used to get on my 32" LCD. May be not smooth but easy on the eyes. The plasma's native resolution is 1024 x 786 but I don't see that option on Catalyst so I'm running on 1280 x 720 and that's what Win 8 takes as default. I don't have problem with everything, the texts are affected mostly. Smaller texts are jagged but bold and larger texts are smooth like on LCD. I don't know where the problem lies but it must be something with Settings or Catalyst. Plus, when seen from front, the display is pretty grainy unlike on LCD. Some of you guys use plasma as monitor so may be you can help me with this. What settings should I use ? My GPU has only HDMI and DVI, no VGA. So please help me with this.

P.S, I love plasma over LCD just bcoz it's faster and movies / games look great on it.
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  1. According to the specs it should be able to do 1080p via HDMI, if not get something else. It could be the video card settings(or windows settings), which is probably the problem. Also, LCDs and plasmas don't like it if it isn't set to their native resolution(CRTs are much better at this).

    In terms of the jaggy text(common problem with TV and not using a computer monitor), you can try windows ClearType in the windows settings.

    Grainy problems are a problem with the resolution set to low and/or with using TVs for a computer monitor, TVs aren't made to watch up close to the screen. The bigger the TV screen size, the worse the problem if you are up to close.

    Personally, I have never liked TVs as computer monitors for the reasons stated above but try out some settings(in windows and catalyst) and update your drivers.

    Happy viewing, the Prisoner...
  2. Yep, I'm using Win 8 and it's pretty much messed up. I'll install Windows XP on a drive and see if I'm getting the 1024 x 768 native resolution. I've done everything and it's quite smooth now. I just need to get used to it. I'm not very close, just 7-8' away using wireless mouse-keyboard. Thanks again for the reply.
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