AMD 7870 and Catalyst Drivers on a New PC

Hi guys,
I helped a friend build a new PC today, and whilst it boots perfectly, upon installing the AMD Catalyst Drivers, the computer merely continuously reboots after finishing the Windows loading screen.

We've tried this twice now, and every time we've had to re-install Windows.

Is this a problem with the graphics card, or is there a problem with a recent driver version that could be causing this problem?

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  1. Are you installing the latest driver from ATi or from the CD provided ? Did you check if the driver is 32-bit or 64-bit while your Windows is 32 or 64-bit. What PSU are you using ? Radeon HD7870 is 2GB DDR5 and requires minimum 600W PSU, I won't mind what AMD says.
  2. Thanks for the reply! We've installed the latest 64-bit drivers from the AMD website, however this is no longer an issue. We have the bigger issue now of being unable to boot when the Graphics Card is installed into the system.

    When in safe mode, it is able to boot, however when not in safe mode, we are unable to enter BIOS settings, and the constant-rebooting problem persists.

    Without the GPU, the system works perfectly on the Intel 4000 integrated chipset, but this is hardly what my friend wants for gaming, haha.

    It does seem to be a problem with the GPU, another friend is currently testing it in his build, and whilst it boots, it is recognized only as a "Standard VGA Adapter," and not an AMD Radeon 7870.

    Any ideas? Personally, I think it's time to RMA it...
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    We had the same problem but later found out that it's the RAM and not my GPU. That 4-years GPU is still working fine. But your GPU is working on other PC abnormally so it's the GPU and now, it's time for RMA :D
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