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Gaming controller for PC

Not sure what section it should be posted, so sorry if it is wrong place.

I am finishing with my new build and ready to install some games. I am a Playstation person, never used X-Box and have no plans to use it, however, I heard- the X-Box controller can be used with PC.

What do you use to play games? I do not like the idea of using keyboard- I will be away from my desk near the TV. My keyboard is wired. I like gaming controller like Playstation. What can I buy to use that would work with most of the games?

I see this controller on sell- I like the price, but what is wrong with it? It must be outdated and not compatible with newer games or something- otherwise the price would not be so good. Is it because it wired?

I probably need wireless. Any suggestions for other controllers?
Thank you.
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  1. It's cheap because of 3 things : 1. It's Refurbished, 2. It doesn't have vibration motors, and 3. It's wired.

    The 360 controller is probably the best one out there. If you want a PS3 style, then your best bet is the Logitech 710. It's wireless, and has force feedback.
  2. ismaeljrp said:
    It's cheap because of 3 things : 1. It's Refurbished, 2. It doesn't have vibration motors, and 3. It's wired.

    The 360 controller is probably the best one out there. If you want a PS3 style, then your best bet is the Logitech 710. It's wireless, and has force feedback.

    Yeah that's all you really need.
  3. Thank you for your suggestion. I actually disable vibration- hurts hands and distracts me.

    I am looking at 710, it is 2.4 wireless- I have 2.4 phone, wondering if it would interfere. I had problem with my wireless internet- had to change a channel. How is it playing with other input devices? I have Logitech mouse and keyboard, but I had to stop using keyboard because it was losing connection. I also have wireless Dell touch pad, and that thing stoped working soon as I installed Logitech software. Was working on all computers, now works 5 seconds and stops. Also it is 2.0 USB- I only have 1 port on front panel- part of card reader, but I probably can use 3.0 for it, right? Thanks for reading and your help.
  4. you say you like the playstation controllers...

    why dont you just use the ps3 controllers? with the motion-in-joy software they work fine with the computer.

    if you have bluetooth onboard your motherboard or if you buy a bluetooth module then you can use it wirelessly. if you dont then you can use it via usb wired.

    i already have a ps3 so i have controllers and have personally used them on the pc for both pcxs2 (ps2 emulator) and with tera online (a mmorpg). setting up the controllers can be a little confusing but once you do its not so bad.


    3.0 ports should be backwards compatible with 2.0 and 1.0.

    typically logitech offers very good value at least with all the products i've used. there may be some issues out there but in general they are usually a good company to deal with.

    it sounds like you had some sort of driver conflict or perhaps wireless interference.
  5. ^ +1
    Through the use of some middle-man software, I got my PS3 controller to register as an Xbox controller to games. No need to run out and buy an all new controller, welcome to one of the many advantages of PC Gaming!
  6. Great idea, I do have PS3 controllers. How do I connect it to the computer? I think I saw Bluetooth somewhere, not sure if I disabled it or not. Where do I begin? Thank you.

    you will need to use a mini-usb to usb cable to connect up to the pc for the first time. this comes with the ps3 system but is the same cable as digital cameras use as well.

    the first step is calibration. MIJ software isnt exactly user friendly but you should be able to work through it fine with some experimentation. i went into the advanced settings and changed the keymaps for the buttons since i was having some issues with some keys not registering (not a MIJ issue but an issue with the game i was using it with) but after i did this i was fine. some games may not have issues.

    if your motherboard has bluetooth then you need to install the drivers and turn on bluetooth. you can then pair your ps3 controller with the pc and use it wirelessly.
  8. Thank you for the Info. So I should download Playstation 3 controller(Dualshcok 3 or Sixaxis) driver for windows and it will work with issues?

    I attempted to connect controller, computer felt it but it did not work- controller was blinking.

    What about Logitech- will it work out of the box, or will I have to invest lots of time to make it work as well? I do not have time to invest. Thank you.
  9. i have personally used motioninjoy with a ps3 controller with my computer both usb and bluetooth.

    yes it will work however there are a few minor issues to work through. nothing terrible though.

    you need the drivers for the ps3 controller to work.

    i've heard of some issues with xbox360 controllers and some gamepads also. technically they should work but i cannot guarantee that you wont have issues.

    what do you consider alot of time? i had my controller up and working in about 10 minutes. the reason why it took me so long (about 60 minutes) to set it up completely was because the game that i was using has an issue with ALL controllers. i had to manually remap keys so the game would work how it should.

    if you run into something similar like this ... its going to affect the logitech controller too i would think.
  10. I am not comfortable to install the drivers from the net that I don't know anything about. I respect and appreciate your opinion and information, but I was advised before to install LAME for MP3 conversion- that thing came with lots of bugs, links were broken, it was taking me to pages with different versions, I had to read what to download, it would ask me to listen some dude's music and things like that. At the end it still did not work.

    So you saying, This pave with the green "Download" button is what I need and after I install it, the controller should work? Or will I be redirected to other servers where I will have to investigate validity of drivers and versions? Thanks a lot, you really helping.
  11. no.

    the green download button is an advertisement.

    stuff like that is quite common across the whole internet even on major download sites.

    the correct link is the one below in text

    since version 7 is in testing i would suggest version 6. i'm not sure what version i was using.

    i just checked and those are direct download links...

    @lame... that particular program isnt very easy to work with although i think it gets high marks for being one of the most powerful. i was looking into it awhile back and went with something else since it didnt seem to work right.

    i know what you mean about getting drivers on the internet... as always its always a good idea to check before you download.
  12. The green button is not there any more. Also I am on Win. 8. I do not see it saying anything about Win. 8 version.
  13. i overlooked that fact (its right there in your signature DOH!)

    the website doesnt list windows 8 compatiblity but there is a youtube video of someone with windows 8 showing how to set it up. if it doesnt work then perhaps watch the video as he claims it works.

    as i said, the green button is an advertisement. you find all sorts of ads like that on the internet that try to mislead you into clicking them.
  14. The video says- this app requires constant Internet connection. Does it?
  15. whenever you need to access the programs menus such as for changing settings then you need an internet connection.

    this means to set up the controller for the first time and anytime you need to tweak settings.

    once you have everything set up you can use the controller without an internet connection. i just checked by pulling my cat5e and both bluetooth and usb worked fine. you cannot change settings in offline mode though unless you get the offline pack (should be a link right on the program)

    as others say... its far from perfect but its free and it does work.
  16. It actually does work. Amazing! Thank you for the info. Also I did not set up the Bluetooth. In the video I found, in the drivers section, there was Bluetooth driver and controller driver. My only had controller driver. He was also enabling Custom Mac ID. My had all 0000000. Do I need Bluetooth receiver of some kind? The motherboard manual talks about Bluetooth, something abut Antenna 1 and Antenna 2. It only came with 1 antenna connected to 2 ports. There supposed to be blue led indicating that Bluetooth enabled- I see it but it is not on. Any ideas how to make it work? Than you.
  17. Best answer
    if i solved your question i'd appreciate clicking the best answer button :)

    in order to use bluetooth you either need a motherboard with a bluetooth module or an add on device which gives bluetooth capability. you will then need to get the drivers for it from the device manufacturer and install them.

    the motioninjoy and driver downloads it installs are completely different and are for the ps3/ps2 controllers.

    in order to use bluetooth you need to hook the controller up via usb and then click the pair button to pair your controller with the pc. it will then give you a different mac address.


    in case it helps this is what i use:

    my motherboard comes with an add on module i had the option of installing.

    this shows the bluetooth module installed

    here is the module by itself

    i then had to go download the drivers from my motherboard manufacturer and do a restart.

    i installed motion-in-joy as well as all the updates required.

    i hooked the ps3 controller up via usb and clicked pair

    you can now disconnect the usb and everything should work fine.


    i'm not sure if your motherboard has this feature.

    all i can see is that it is WIFI capable (bluetooth and wifi capable are different)

    ps3 controllers are bluetooth (like phone headsets) and not wireless.

    if your board doesnt support it then you may have to use a bluetooth usb dongle for the feature.

    or you can buy a nice braided usb to usb mini 8ft cable for about $13 if you plan on sitting at the desk. your choice really.
  18. I appreciate the hard work you did to post the information, but I can not focus on it right now because- guess what: it does not start any more. It worked fine after the installation, then I restarted and- well- nothing. I try to open DS3_Tool. The green bar runs half way and gives up. I don't know wh. I try to restart, I try to run again unzipped MotionJoy file- it doing the same thing. Have try with controller plugged, unplugged- can not open the software. Even try to disable Antivirus. It is 3 am here. I have to resume in the morning. Any experience with such issue?
  19. I disabled Firewall and Antivirus and ran the unzipped software installation. I noted that it opened help file as last time, but then it opened the interface and also some Japanese or Chinese page. I loaded the driver like last time, but it keeps showing "Waiting for controller to be connected". I connected it several times. Also clicked "Enable'. No vibration test. The problem with this s for grown up people with families, there is no time to worry about this. If I have an hour to play, I like to play, not spend it to make controller work. (Totally not your fault- just saying). Still not happening. Just took another 30 minutes. I have to go to bad, hope it will work tomorrow.
  20. Restarted. Working. Ok, will test the Bluetooth tomorrow. See- I thought- may be I disabled Bluetooth in BIOS, but no- it is there enabled. I am pretty sure I have it on motherboard, because I have blue led indicator, but it is not on.
  21. My motherboard supports Bluetooth. But I do not have it looking like yours. I have small lead for Bluetooth which supposed to be on, but it is off. It may be part of Antenna. I have read the manual several times- it does not explain it very good. My motherboard is Asus Z87 Deluxe.

    The controller works today, but when I go to "Bluetooth Pair", it keeps saying, "Waiting for Bluetooth adapter to be connected. I know I installed Bluetooth driver for motherboard...
  22. i am a bit puzzled...

    on the asus main site bluetooth is definitely not mentioned as a feature for the PRO however it is mentioned as a feature on the DELUXE.

    on another forum a user with the PRO mentioned that he doesnt have bluetooth and wanted to use the module from the DEXLUXE since it does.

    i checked both download areas for the PRO and DELUXE and the PRO did not have bluetooth listed but the DELUXE clearly does.

    the manual however clearly states "BLUETOOTH". my thoughts on this are that perhaps the manual is used for all P8Z77-V style boards instead of having a different manual for each one. i did not see a clearly definined title indicating that this manual was for one board only. of course i could be wrong but this is just my impression given the circumstances.

    all of this information seems to point to you not having bluetooth. again i could be wrong but this is what all of the information i've found shows.
  23. Thanks for your research. I have z77 Pro as weel. It does not have Bluetooth. Z87 Deluxe has it. May be I need to call Asus. Their tech support is not that grate- not very deep, if you know what I mean.

    What about 2 player games? Is there 2 controllers option?

    I will select best answer soon. I just don't want it to be marked as resolved. Thank you.
  24. actually the z77 deluxe has bluetooth also not just the z87.

    the module is actually removeable just like mine. i remember reading a forum article where one user was asking if they could use the deluxe module on a pro board but i didnt read the entire thing through and cant seem to find it again. i searched for "p8z77-v bluetooth" and it popped up in a result yesterday but i have my history and cookies set to erase on exit so i dont have that information anymore for you.

    worst come to worst you can always buy a bluetooth dongle. i think the mij software stated using a different dongle for each controller you wanted hooked up via bluetooth but you may want to read on that further.

    i've never plugged two controllers in. plug in another cable and try it out it may work or it may not work. just try it out.

    how many two player games besides those on the pcsx2 emulator or other emulators are playable on the pc though? most pc games arent two player with the same pc and require internet or lan between them for multiplayer.
  25. I am new to PC games- used to PS3.

    Did you try to use your PS3 controller back on PS3? It says something about it deleting the PS3 driver and not being compatible with PS3 any more.

    I have z87 Deluxe and z77 pro. I thought there is Bluetooth on Z87 Deluxe, but it is not detected.
  26. rubbish. the ps3 controller works fine with the ps3 after using it with the computer.

    what you need to do is pair the controller up with the ps3 system again by hooking that usb to mini usb up to the ps3 when it is on and pressing the central playstation icon. the controller will now pair up with the ps3 and will work ever after as it once did.

    in order to get the ps3 controller working in bluetooth mode with the computer though you will need to pair the device again.


    if you have a z87 deluxe you should have bluetooth. maybe you do not have the bluetooth module turned on. with the propper bluetooth drivers installed (provided you have the module installed) you may need to go into bluetooth settings (the new drivers you installed) and turn the feature on. on my board the feature was automatically enabled but i'm not sure about your particular module or driver set so you may want to check this out. you may want to read in your manual about setting up bluetooth as well.
  27. Thank you for the info. The Bluetooth driver was on a disk, it installed, but I do not know where it went. I have to call the Asus about it.
  28. I do have Bluetooth icon in notifications (Right lower corner). If I click "Show Bluetooth devices, it takes me to a list of devices and HID- compliant gaming controller in on a list, but no options to select. In settings opened by this icon was setting, "Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer". I clicked the checkmark and now my blue led on a back of computer is on. So I try to pair the controller, nothing happens. It keeps saying, "Wait for Bl. Tooth device to connect" and all Mac addressed are 000000. Any ideas?
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