Kraken X60 Installation Interrupted *HELP*


So I just got my Switch 810 Case along with the Kraken X60 CPU Water Cooler.

I installed it and everything is running fine.

However, the software refuse to install !

Whenever I try to install it it go to the end and say installation was interrupted before the Kraken control software is installed. Please try again at other time.

I am running windows 8 PRO 64BIT.

I did some search and found only ONE have similar problem and he solved it by installing .net framework 4.

I tried installing that but it say that .net framework is part of the operating system and that it is already installed.

I installed the software on another laptop with windows 8 and it installed !

Why I cant install it ?

I already have all the cables plugged in INCLUDING the USP cable from the cooler.

Should I return for replacement or there is a fix ?

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  1. Nevermind, I think I will go for the Corsair H100i instead.
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