can't unninstall Internet explorer!

i use firefox now and i tried unninstalling internet explorer but it doesn't show up on the "unninstall a program" section. so i found the folder in "program files" titled internet explorer and clicked delete. then i get a error about some trusted installer or something. this is the only account on the computer, it is also the admin. i have no idea whats' wrong and i want to get rid of it.

that is the error message
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    Right. Uninstalling Internet Explorer via normal means is a no go. A lot of the subsystems IE uses are used by other Windows functions. There is no direct uninstall.

    This has been a long running battle between MS and various government entities.
  2. Not going to happen as windows itself relies (married) on it. You can change your default browser.
  3. oh ok, i am a already using firefox. just was tired of seeing IE in the startmenu, so i removed it then saw it in the program folders. oh well, is there at least somehwere unnoticable i could move it too?
  4. You can actually uninstall Internet Explorer by going to Control Panel -> Programs -> and under Programs and Features, Turn Windows Features on and off.

    In the popup window that appears, clear the Internet Explorer box and hit OK. You will need to restart your computer.

    Hope this helped :)
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