BSOD Issues - Worse whilst gaming/streaming, can crash on desktop.

Hi guys,
Let me start off by giving filling you in on the history of the system. The PC was built roughly back in August 2012, using mainly brand new components. I used my old power supply and GPU.

The computer has run fine since the initial build, but has recently started to BSOD, and I can't seem to find a solution.

My problems first arose roughly two months ago, my computer reported a failing hard drive, luckily it was still under warranty so was promptly replaced. Soon after the replacement my computer started to randomly blue screen, and continued to become more frequent, to the stage that my PC could barely render or run photoshop.

Suspecting a RAM issue I tried removing a RAM stick, the issued ceased for roughly a month, with no hiccups. Roll forward a month and the issues started up again, and here I am.

Steps taken since BSOD issues started:

* Installed new RAM
* Installed new power supply
* Tried installing up to date GPU drivers, BIOS & chipset drivers.
* Performed a clean reformat.
* Tried running on separate hard drives.

I have run a prime95 test for a thirty minute duration, with no issues. You can find the temps below:

I did however receive a few errors, not quite sure what they mean.

I ran a furmark test on my GPU for twenty minutes without any screen tearing, it settled on 94 degrees with the fans running at 92%.

My computer specifications:

* RAM: 16GB DDR3 (brand new)
* PSU: 800w Corsair (brand new)
* MB: Z68x-UD5-B3 (Less than a year old)
* GPU: Nvidea GTX480 (Two-three years old)
* CPU: i7-2700k CPU @ 3.5gz (Less than a year old)

Nothing has ever been overclocked.

Mini dumps before reformat:


Another thing to note, alongside blue screening a lot of my programs keep failing to respond, including, but not limited to; firefox, teamspeak3, Firefall Beta, windows desktop manager and flash.

Hoping you guys can help me out, really not quite sure what to do next. Pretty sure it is a hard ware issue after the reformat, but not quite sure what to do next.
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