Kingsotn vs Samsung Ssd

I have ordered a http://. Was wandering if it was a good purchase for £75. Also want to know if this is better or http://. And also, how would the Kingston hyperx 3k compare to the http://
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  1. The Samsung seems to be the pick of choice
  2. Could you explian why, from my perspective the kingston is better due to the higher read and write speads
  3. Advertised speed, what you see isn't always what you get, from people who have used one or the other, it just appears people lean towards the Samsung
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    I have a Hyper X 240GB SSD on my second comp and it is fast! You You can't go wrong with the Hyper X! When testing, it is noticeably faster than my OCZ Agility 4, 512 GB SSD. The Hyper X is definitely faster than a Samsung 840 Series SSD and compared to a Samsung 840 Pro series it is comparable.
  5. Thanks, I feel better about my purchase now :)
  6. I believe you made the right choice! And I think you will more than likely be a happy camper!
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