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Samsung 840 pro 256gb AHCI issue

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June 15, 2013 4:46:45 PM

Problem: Samsung Magician Software fails to recognize that the ssd was installed in AHCI mode, and also fails to recognize a SATA interface.

Background info: I recently bought a Samsung 840 pro 256gb. And proceeded to do a fresh win7 install as most people on the net recommend. I made sure to unplug my old HDD (which was on AHCI mode) before attempting to install windows. I double checked the bios settings and it was in AHCI mode.

Windows7 installed with with no issues. I then followed my routine of installing (using the mobo CD) all the important chipset and net drivers, wrapping it up with video drivers + Samsung Magician Software. I did a quick benchmark with the software and got respectable read/write (500/500 ish) results, my IOPS were in the 60k out of 90k claimed.
I ran the performance optimization, then the OS optimization, and even followed the recommendation to do an OP.

Then I noticed that after opening the Samsung Magician Software, under system information section, that AHCI mode was "deactivated" with a message that reads "AHCI mode is required for the best SSD performance", and that SATA interface was "N/A". As far as my limited knowledge goes you can't install an SSD in something other than AHCI or can you?

Right after noticing this issue I did a BIOS update. Nevertheless the "problem" persists, even after all sort of updates and reading as much as I could on the net to try and see whats up with it.

Any ideas? Is this a bug or a legit issue?

Relevant hardware info:

AMD FX4100
Gigabyte 990xa-UD3 (now F13) revision 1.x

Thanks in advance!

Best solution

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June 15, 2013 5:02:30 PM

It is possible to run an SSD in IDE mode, it's just inferior to AHCI. If BIOS still says the drive is in AHCI mode, I'd say it's either a driver issue or a bug in Samsung Magician. A driver issue seems unlikely if you have done a clean install with all the right drivers.
June 19, 2013 10:06:38 AM

AMD and Samung SSDs seem not to get along (equipment-wise). I had recently bought an HP Envy w/FX-6200 CPU + 840pro. The system was supposed to have SATA III ports but after the install, Magician showed speeds in the mid-200 range (SATA II-like). In fact it was Magician that advised system was not at 6mps speeds. I called HP and they blamed Samsung. Luckily my system was less than 15 days old so I took it back for a I7-3770 Dell XPS 8500 and now read/write both scream past 500 and IOPS both around 100K.

Maybe in my case the issue was really HP and not AMD.