Artifacting Nightmare Please HELP!

Hey guys, I have an issue. I have an asus CM6870. I have replaced my GPU with a XFX Radeon HD 7850 and was getting fuzzy white lines that move down the screen almost like you're filming a screen through a video camera.

I seem to get this problem with gaming only. I switched the GPU for a MSI Radeon HD 7850 and I'm still getting artifacts only with the gaming again.

I have switched to an ULTRA 600w supply as well, which im told is adequate. I am running only one HD, one optical drive and one fan.

I have gone to tiger direct every day this week and am getting ready to plop everything on the desk and ask for a full refund.

Can this be my monitor? I have asked the manager at the store and he hooked it up to a computer NOT running 3D graphic so couldnt tell if it had to do with the refresh rate or w.e.

I'm sick of being suckered into buying more stuff! I'm new to most of this, please help me!

- MY XFX was running around 86 so i returned it. The MSI is running around 60, so it's not the heat issue.
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  1. Are your drivers up to date? For the GPU, monitor, etc.?
  2. What settings do you run at? What is overclocked if anything? Does this happen immediately or after a time?
  3. Are you using the latest drivers? If so, have you tried a rollback? That's usually the first thing to try. If you've tried this, what else have you tried? Don't want to waste your time telling you things you've already done.

    Also, please punch whoever got you into an Ultra 600W. Ultra has one line that's recommendable (the Ultra X3s, especially the ones that are higher wattage) and everything else is avoid. It's *probably* not causing this particular issue right now -- it's almost certainly within ATV specs given that your rig is nowhere near 600W -- but if this is a new PC, having an Ultra in there is not something I'd feel comfortable with in the long-term.
  4. I've updated the drivers, I didn't overclock yet. I get it no matter the settings. It's a slightly opaque line about half and inch thick right across the screen up to about 4 or 5 in a time moving down over and over if that helps you to picture what I see.
  5. Hmm...does this happen in EVERY game you play, or only specific ones?
  6. Every game i'm playing. I'm playing gpu hungry games such as far cry3 and crysis 3 tho. I tried warcraft which doesn't take much more than a fisher price and it's still doing it.
  7. League of Legends as well.
  8. Hmm...I'm at a loss here :P This may sound silly...try different HDMI or DVI or whatever you are using cables.
  9. I ended up changing the monitor, the gpu and the power supply AGAIN. Got sick of it and returned everything. Thank you anyways for your help.
  10. Cole Brillinger said:
    I ended up changing the monitor, the gpu and the power supply AGAIN. Got sick of it and returned everything. Thank you anyways for your help.

    Did that work?
  11. No it didn't fix it. They said "Well you could of downloaded something so how should we know you didnt break it". WHAT?? lol i got the refund and built something and im much happier thanks everyone
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