will 2 Gigabyte 7870s 2gb work with crossfire

So Im gonna buy two gigabyte 7870s and crossfire them will it work ? and where could i buy the interconnect crossfire cable if so.

Also my motherboard is ASRock 970 Extreme3 R2 Motherboard will the cards work and will a 500w power supply be enough to Power JUST ONE cause i will be buying the second card in the future.
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    The 7870 graphics cards support crossfire. Your motherboard is capable of doing crossfire, just be aware to put the graphic cards in the x16 slots. Here's an interconnetor for your graphic cards
    Your power supply unit will be enough to power your rig with one graphic card.
  2. Well your motherboard supports crossfire and as long as you don't mix a 7870xt with a regular 7870 you can crossfire them. The crossfire cable I'm not sure as 1 came with my motherboard and not the vid card. A 500w PSU will probably not be enough to run crossfire, AMD recommends a minimum of a 600w PSU. This would be a good PSU to get, it's a trusted brand, it's 80+ gold certified and modular.
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