Need New GPU

Looking for replacement card that can handle up to four displays at once
2x DVI
$450 Budget

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Diablo 3, Farcry, 3D Gaming, Blu Ray 3D
CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: Nvidia Quadro NWS 285 1000W PSU used to have better GPU
OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS:Rampage 2 MB 4gb of Ram "Plan on upgrading Next Year for better MB"
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  1. I don't thin there is any GPU with two HDMI outputs. They commonly have a DVI, a DVI dual link, an HDMI and a display port. You might want to buy an adapter
    Or you could try doing SLI or crossfire but I don't recommend it because is better to use the outputs of only one card.
  2. I recommend you the GTX 770 or 780. They both will perform any of the programs you listed at the best graphic settings and with four displays
  3. Thanks for that Info
    How do you feel about

    780 No Where close to my price range they start at ~650
  4. If you don't mind paying a little more I would recommend you the GTX 670 EVGA Superclocked edition which has the same speed but is made by EVGA. Is the company that invented the GPU so it's more reliable.
  5. Dont think i could get the GTX 670 4GB GPU since i am only running 4GB total on my MB
    The price range out is not over my MAX but I dont feel like adding new RAM to a machine a slowly
    transitioning away from.

    As well certain specs the 770 outpreforms the 670 but this card in particular i cannot find the benchmarks for.
  6. Sorry, I wanted to say the GTX 770 superclocked edition of 2GB made by EVGA. It is the same as the one from Galaxy with the only difference that the EVGA is made by NVIDIA so it is much more reliable
  7. Looking at that one
    I hate the fact that new egg doesn't specify when comparing
    NVIDIA 3D Vision Ready
    So looking into it from other sources
    as well out of stock on newegg just my luck
  8. If I havent said thanks
    Thanks for the help
  9. Best answer
    Both graphic cards support NVIDIA 3d Vision ready.
    just go tothe features tab
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