Best SSD for a decent price?

I just ordered all of my PC parts and forgot about the SSD. I don't need anything top of the line. Just something that is fast and that will get the job done. All I am using it for is to install Windows 7, Battlefield 3 and possibly some applications like Photoshop and Sony Vegas. I don't want to spend over $100. I would preferably like to get a 60GB one for around $60 - $80 or a 120GB for around $100 or less (if possible). What is the best brand/model? If you could please link it, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

P.S. I know the Samsung 840 Pro 128GB is supposed to be great but I don't want to pay $135 for it. Also, I know I will get suggestions to get more memory like 256GB, but 60GB - 120GB should be sufficient for me. :)
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  1. I would suggest getting the Samsung 840 (non-pro version) 120GB. It runs for about $100 and is a really great and fast SSD.

    link to one:
  2. The Samsung Pro is great, but the non Pro is not. It uses TLC flash memory.

    I'd get the Kingston Hyperx 3K for $120 or Corsair Neutron Series GTX for $125.

    But under $100, there is no real good choices. Samsung 840 (non pro) is the only one there.

    I wouldn't recommend anything under 120/128GB. At this size you can fit OS, all programs, and some games.
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    The 840 non-Pro 120GB.
    If your just going to use it as a plain boot/programs drive, then theres not much reason to get the Pro version. The only real difference is write performance, which isnt important for a boot/program usage.
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