what would increase fps more in gaming gw2 particulery

ok i have a core i7 920 cpu. and a radeon 7850 graphics card. guild wars 2 is slightly cpu intensive but was wondering what would yield more increase and frames per second on games either a second radeon 7850 or a haswell core i7 overclocked
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  1. In my opinion, a second 7850 will increase your fps more than a new cpu/mb combo. Also, a second graphics card is cheaper if your power supply can handle it.
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    I wouldn't touch the cpu tbh. I am using a 930 and it is still holding its own in every game that I play and being overclocked it is unlikely that it is in any way a bottleneck. I am not sure of the scaling you get by adding a second AMD card but it should give you noticeable gains although I am sure I heard something about GW2 being a bit funny about sli / x-fire setups although that was a while ago and the issue may have rectified now.
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