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I need some suggestion for a good monitors
Only interested in Samsung and Asus
23Inches +
Budget 200$ - 250$
Less than 5ms
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  1. I would recommend an Asus VS239H-P 23.0" IPS Monitor. It has 5ms response time but IPS is worth it for the better picture quality. It's not a noticeable difference between 2ms and 5ms for most people.

    But if you must, then get an Asus VE248Q 24.0" Monitor.
    What do you think of this one?. Is there a better one with this price?
    Can you explain about the ips and how is it worth having that over a high ms
    How come whenever there is IPS, the MS increases
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    That is a great monitor. Expensive if you want 3 of them, but it is a very good monitor.

    Response time does not always increase for IPS monitors. There are IPS monitors with 1ms or 2ms response time. IPS offers better viewing angles and picture clarity. So even at an angle, you will not exhibit areas where it will be darkened with TN monitors.
  4. Thank You for the great respond
    One last thing about this
    What do you think of this?

    The mx239 and this, which one do you prefer?
    I'll be playing GTA5, BF4, Borderland, and Shogun 2 so.. :)
  5. The MX one.
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