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currently i have an i5 2500k cpu with stock cooler and is idling at 40 plz suggest thermal compound good one which helps in decreasing idle temp. with stock fan thnx
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  1. Well the thermal compound itsn't your problem, the stock cooler is. Get an aftermarket cooler and your temps will go down.
  2. 212 evo huge dffrnce?
  3. tushardehra said:
    212 evo huge dffrnce?

    It will give you a noticable cooler CPU, so i would say go for it! It's anice and widely used cooler. Don't forget that in that case you do need thermal compound (altough i believe that is included with the cooler) and you need to clean the CPU with some rubbing alcohol and a cloth before you apply the new thermal compound and heatsink.
  4. ill it fit elite 431 plus and which tim is good?
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    tushardehra said:
    ill it fit elite 431 plus and which tim is good?

    Yes it will fit it's not that big of a cooler. I always go with Arctic MX-4.
  6. +1 for mx-4.
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