Need help setting up wireless DSL wireless router in hotel room

Hi all,
I am living in a German hotel for a month where there is a wired ethernet connection in the room (connected to some kind of router in the hotel lobby). I have a Macbook and need to be able to access the internet through two Android devices (which cannot connect to the Mac's "ad hoc" network). I tried everything to get the Android devices connected to the internet, and finally gave up. So I bought a used wireless DSL router (Sinus 154 Basic SE), thinking I could "share" the wired connection in the room, and am, of course, having no luck getting it working. The IP address I have through the wall is The router can be configured to for dynamic mode (instead of pppoe), and dhcp can be turned off and almost everything can be configured manually. The default address of the router is also in the 192.168.. range, but can be changed. I've read about various solutions involving turning off DHCP, manually assigning IPs, etc., but nothing seems to work.

Is there any way to get this working, even if for a single wireless device? If so, I could really use a step-by-step guide.

Thanks for any help!
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  1. I'll try to explain how to do it.
    First of all reset the router to factory settings by pressing the little reset button at its back (next to power connector).

    For this your router has to be powered up. Keep the reset button pressed for 10 seconds. Wait about 2 minutes before disconnecting and reconnecting power cable.

    Connect your laptop to LAN port, and hotel network to port marked DSL-T (black).
    Try logging into router through a web browser at address

    If connection fails and you get information that you are not connected to any network you have to set up your laptop to static IP adress manually. Configure it as following IP:, default gateway, subnet mask, DNS configuration leave empty or enter as primary DNS address. Retry connection to router. This time it should succeed.

    Choose configuration -> network -> internet provider (Internetzugang, whatever this means).
    Choose 'other provider' and dynamic IP. Enter something into hostname field. Click the button get PC MAC address. Set DNS to auto. Save the changes.
    Make sure that NAT is enabled in configuration -> network configuration -> NAT.
    Go to configuration -> network configuration -> LAN. Make sure that DHCP is turned on, and start and end IP is set to reasonable range. Confirm changes if you made any.
    At this point your laptop should be able to access internet over wired connection.
    You can now set your network connection to obtain IP address and DNS automatically (if you set it to static IP before).

    Now, proceed to set up Wifi.
    Go back to start site, go to configuration -> Sicherheit -> wireless settings -> verschlusselung.
    Set it to on, mode to WPA, autorization to off, presharedkey to ASCII and enter passpharase of your choice. Confirm.
    Go back to start site, go to configuration -> network configuration -> wireless.
    Make sure it's turned on, choose a SSID, set mode to b+g and any channel you want. Confirm.

    Now all your devices should be able to connect to wireless network (named as your SSID) with the passphrase you set.
  2. Thank you for your quick reply! I have followed your instructions and am still having a problem. I am able to connect to the router, change the settings as suggested, and set up wireless and get devices connected. The problem is that I cannot reach the internet, even through the laptop that is wired to the router. When I do a ifconfig, I can see that my laptop IP is (which is the first in the range), but I cannot reach any outside destination. I tried pinging a domain name and nothing happens, so it is not connecting to any dns server. (I also tried manually adding the OpenDNS server IP, to no avail). When I try to ping a real outside ip address, I get this:
    Request timeout for icmp_seq 0
    36 bytes from hello ( Destination Net Unreachable
    Vr HL TOS Len ID Flg off TTL Pro cks Src Dst
    4 5 00 5400 c6d7 0 0000 3f 01 44a5

    (Don't know if this is useful...just throwing it out there)

    When I use the "status" function in the control program, it says "DSL: Getrennt (disconnected). When I click the button to "connect" (Verbinden, I believe) it pauses a while, then comes back to this disconnected status. I guess that's why the "Online" light on the router never comes on?

    I think I'm really close to getting this up! Any idea why I would be unable to reach the internet?

    Many thanks again for your very thoughtful reply...I feel like I owe it to you to get this thing working!
  3. You're welcome. We will get this thing working, don't worry :)

    Is NAT enabled?
    For starters try disabling firewall: Sicherheit > Firewall > Firewall ON-OFF > OFF. See if that helped. I doubt it will. Leave it off for now.

    Please copy & paste (via pastebin) the results of ifconfig -a command on your mac.
    Do it two times:
    Once, when your laptop is connected to the router with IP obtained from DHCP and internet is not working (laptop is set to automatically obtain both IP and DNS).
    Second time, when laptop is connected to hotel network and everything is working.

    Next, I need a screenshot of routers' status page, that one where you can click 'Verbinden'.
    If possible please copy the routers' log. Restart the router and allow it to try to connect to hotel network.
    I don't know how to get this log, but you can see it in a manual on page 94 / 131:

    Please paste it all to separate pastebin links to keep readability.
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