After downloading Glary utilties

After Downloading Glary Utilities my pc is running Slow and lagging while i am playing PC Games, My friend recommended the program to me to use So i downloaded it and ran the program got it to optimize my pc and everything seemed fine until i started to run a game i started to play world of Warcraft and i noticed there was lag spikes and choppiness low frame rates happens alot now this never happend before only after i downloaded Glary utilities i just bought a brand new gaming PC the specs are in my profile at least they should be.

Now i don't know what to do to fix this lag i never had before only after downloading Glary Utilities i was thinking of just buying a whole brand new Hard drive since i am going to buy a SSD the "840 Pro Series Solid State Drive, SATA III, 256GB" and i want everything to be working just fine and back to normal the hard drive im using now is the " 1TB Barracuda SATA III w/ 64MB Cache " i was thinking of just buying another 1TB Barracuda SATA III w/ 64MB Cache to use it for what ever else that i am not putting on my SSD ( i want to put windows and world of warcraft and other games i play alot on the SSD )

I ran my anti-virus: Microsoft Security Essentials and also ran Malware bytes and nothing showed up. I tried to do a system restore and go back before i downloaded glary utilities but when i went to go check to see if i could do it there were no restore points and it told me the feature was not enabled i got my PC built and i guess they never turned that feature on.

Now i have some questions I know that malware and viruses can't effect your video card, CPU or Ram and only hardrive But i looked up on google to see if anything could be infected they said that motherboards can become infected is that true? i am using the Asus P8Z77-V LK, if i go out and buy a new hard drive will i still have this lag problem because my motherboard bios is infected? Should i even go out and buy a new harddrive or can i fix the one i have now? if you could help me figure out what i should do to fix my pc and make it the way it was before downloading Glary utilities that would be awesome and much apprecaited thank you!

PC specs should be in my forum profile the motherboard i am using now is the Asus P8Z77-V LK and the hard drive i am using is the 1TB Barracuda SATA III w/ 64MB Cache

Also something funky was happening this only happened after downloading Glary Utilities i use ventrillo alot to talk to my friends and every time i went to go look to turn on and run ventrillo i could not find the program and i had to re download vent this happened twice on my main PC and 3 times on my other PC both had glary utilities on it and only happened after downloading Glary utilities :(

I know its glary utilities that messed up my PC because i never went on any websites on my new gaming pc because i use my old PC to internet surf
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