Slow speeds with DIR-655, do I need to upgrade?

Hi all, just wanted to ask if it was time to upgrade my router, or if I should try something else first. I currently have a D-Link DIR-655 and my room mates are dealing with slow speeds and frequent drops in the connection. Complicating my diagnosis of the problem is the fact that Time Warner felt I ABSOLUTELY HAD to have their router/ modem combo, which was crap. Even when talking to tech support I told them repeatedly I was having problems with the router side of things and they told me I wasn't allowed to pick up a modem only... sigh. I have gone through the process of setting it up as a pass through, modem only, but I'm always wondering if it adds to our router issues.


We currently have about 10+ devices connected to the router wirelessly at all times, and one wired connection. Someone is pretty much always streaming some kind of HD content and we've got gaming and torrenting going on as well. We're paying for a pretty fast internet connection and I almost never have any problems with my PC since it's wired, so I'm guessing it mostly stems from the wireless side of things. At previous places the DIR-655 worked fine, but I'm wondering if it just can't handle the load of so many devices these days. Would it be advisable to upgrade, and if so, what might you guys recommend? Also, would buying our own modem help at all, or is using the modem/router combo that TW gave me fine? Thanks for any and all help.
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  1. Try updating your router's firmware.
  2. It has the latest firmware... plus I don't really think firmware would help. This is more a question of if this router can handle the amount/ type of connections it's dealing with.

    ALSO, just in case it helps, here's the list of "officially supported" modems on the TW website. After doing a little more research, it seems like it might be a decent idea to just go ahead and buy my own modem as well. They're already charging a monthly rental fee that amounts to around 50$ a year, so I might as well put it toward a decent product.
  3. Also, it's looking like the fact that the DIR-655 is single band might be one of the factors slowing things down. On to a good dual band router than? And picking up one of these?:
  4. I have a Motorola SB6121 and recommend it. It is a perfect dumb modem. It just works and doesn't get in the way. I have found it to be very reliable and sufficiently high-performance. It also has good IPv6 support.

    A dual band router could help by providing more spectrum for wireless clients. If possible, I recommend using DD-WRT or TomatoUSB firmware. These aftermarket firmwares are known for dramatically improving the stability, performance and feature set of routers.

    The ASUS RT-N66U with this firmware is a nice combination.
  5. The RT-N66U gets great reviews and it's definitely on my short list of new routers. I also think I might try purchasing one, seeing how it works and then returning it if there's no dramatic improvement. It's a shame, cause the DIR-655 get's good reviews, but I just don't know if it can handle what I'm throwing at it. Also, is there any reason not to get the next iteration of that router, the RT-AC66U?

    As for the modem... sigh, I may just go in and bug the Time Warner people at one of their service centers to downgrade me to one of their "dumb modems" as you put it. I'm reading conflicting reports on various forums that there are issues with the firmware that ships with the SB6121 and SB6141 when used on TW... and Motorola refuses to give out firmware updates saying that your ISP was given them and they should provide them for you ... while TW seems to basically say they WON'T provide the firmware updates to anything but rented modems ...forcing you to rent their product. I'll do some more research and ask the the people at the support center (who were infinity easier to talk to than phone support... I think it's just easier to charm them into giving you what you want in person.)

    Thanks again.
  6. theprofman said: there any reason not to get the next iteration of that router, the RT-AC66U?

    The RT-N66U has better aftermarket firmware support. It is often also cheaper.
  7. Cool. Another thought... if I did get a new router, could I use them both, maybe set one up as a access point or something?
  8. theprofman said:
    Cool. Another thought... if I did get a new router, could I use them both, maybe set one up as a access point or something?

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