Green And Pink Pixels! Help!

I was over at my friends house and after a couple hours, games would crash and the screen would discolor green and pink. This happened several times, and once when it booted up, the resolution dropped to 800x600. I fixed the resolution, but there are still discolored pixels. I tried changing the refresh rate thinking it was monitor flicker, but it wouldn't let me; it just said hardware default. I also unplugged the dvi from his viewsonic monitor and plugged it into his sony tv, but the pixels were still there. Then thinking it was artifacts, I set the clock speeds to their factory default on his MSI Afterburner GTX 680 (reference design). Here is a link to a photo of his desktop:
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  1. i saw something similar trying to OC my GPU ... in my case it was due to insufficient power from the PSU .... whats the PSU make and wattage?
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