"Driver Has Stopped Responding And Has Recovered" - Problem

Hello, i am just currently experiencing problems to do with this, although "i just used Microsofts "Fix it for me" like.. 2 minutes prior to this post - so i can't be for certain that it will more then likely work, but does that option work a majority of the time?

And what does actually cause the problem?

and a bit off topic from my title, though i would assume somebody would know a lot more then me, With power supply units, can they cause damage to other components if they fuse out" ?
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  1. If ya talking about nVidia driver has stopped working .... I have had this happen occasionally over the years .... it seems to come and go w/o explanation. Not really been a problem, just an occasional short term annoyance the cause of which I have not been able to pinpoint.
  2. It's a common error with AMD and Nvidia cards. It's been going on since Windows XP and nobody really knows what causes it or what fixes it. I've had it couple times myself, even with my current card, but haven't had it pop up in about 2 yrs. A fresh Windows install may fix it.
  3. I was getting this with Firefox , now switched to Chrome and it stopped.Strange?Don't know why browser caused this.
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