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I am going to purchase a KUHLER H2O 620 Water Cooling System, do I need to buy thermal compound and if so is there a video showing how to apply it?
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  1. I personally would always choose my own thermal compound. There are many different manufacturers for them out there, my personal favourite is "Arctic Silver 5". You can do some research on that though, to see wich one might fit you best.
    As far as videos go, there's a ton of them on youtube. Just do a search on youtube, you will find great tutorials to that topic.

    Hope this helps
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    Best of the best in's 80 way TIM roundup..... has same thermal properties as AS5 but without AS5's curing problems.

    Application method
    Important Reminder:
    Due to the unique shape and sizes of the particles in Arctic Silver 5's conductive matrix, it will take a up to 200 hours and several thermal cycles to achieve maximum particle to particle thermal conduction and for the heatsink to CPU interface to reach maximum conductivity. (This period will be longer in a system without a fan on the heatsink or with a low speed fan on the heatsink.) On systems measuring actual internal core temperatures via the CPU's internal diode, the measured temperature will often drop 2C to 5C over this "break-in" period. This break-in will occur during the normal use of the computer as long as the computer is turned off from time to time and the interface is allowed to cool to room temperature.

    So by my estimation of this statement it would take almost a year of normal use to properly cure the AS5 compound, or almost nine days of continuous power cycles to meet their recommendation.
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