USB 3.0 Docking stations.

Hi there. Anyone know a dual or even triple video USB 3.0 docking station that doesn't cost more than $100+.

Looking for something which can give me 2 monitors off USB 3 and has a mixture of other ports to tidy up my cable management.

Ideally I would buy a Toshiba Dynadock u3.0

But at a cost of roughly £110 in my home country 'England' it would be more cheaper to buy a Desktop.

Guess all the venders think everyone who owns a Ultrabook lives either in New York or London and shops at Harrods where they sell Phoenix Eggs farmed by Wizards who share ethical farming views.
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  1. This one is pretty fantastic and has good compatibility with most brands. I was able to do 3 screens on my Surface Pro - 2 monitors and the tablet screen itself. Not sure what the cost is across the pond though:
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