I5 2500k or Stay with Core 2 quad and get new motherboard that supports ddr3


I was thinking it was time for an upgrade for my motherboard, mainly because I cannot find ddr2 memory for cheap and ddr3 is dirt cheap on craigslist. Now I have a Core 2 quad q8300, G31M-S R2.0 motherboard, 3Gb of DDR2, GTX 460, and a 700W power supply (cant remember what brand). I want more memory but I dont know whether I should get a motherboard for lga 1155 or an lga for 775, the latter I wont have to buy a new processor which money wise is holding me back. Should I get an i5 and get a lga 1155 motherboard or get another lga 775 motherboard that supports ddr3?
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  1. The 2500K. You'll gain a HUGE boost in performance.
  2. 2500K prices are shooting up as they are out of production, if you find one cheap - then great, else go 3570K (plus better performance)
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