Windows experience Index went down !!

Processor lowered from a 5.8 to a 4.2 after a fresh Windows install, Any idea what could cause this and any suggestions to fix?
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  1. Nothing, WEI in unreliable and not a true benchmark.
  2. For some reason it wouldn't let me post a picture till I remembered I had an old account here.. this is how my cpuzid looks like
  3. absolutely normal.
    Your processor downclocks when not stressed, to save energy. Andonly ramps up enough to handle the load. It may not fully ramp up for the WEI test.
  4. Thank you , does the CPUZID look ok as well?

    Edit : Ran the assessment on high performance power option and it jumped to 4.9
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    Screenshot looks fine.
    If you disable speed step etc.. in the bios you will get a higher score. It keeps the cpu from downclocking between tests which results in a higher score.
    WEI is pretty much useless. You can run the test and get a different score each run . My processor and memory score 7.6 but my dual GTX 460's score 4.2. So the test is not very accurate.
  6. Thank you, turned off all the applications and the test finally gave me 6.7 :)

    Thank you for the help!
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