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I'm a 14 year old n00b from Norway who just recently got into gaming. I've been playing on my mother's Mac for about a year and now I've decided to get my own computer. I've narrowed down my choices to three PC's from the same website. I was hoping someone could tell me which one is the best and/or if anything needs changing as the website allows you to customize your computer. I've included the links to each computer below. The price is not my biggest concern. I just want to know which one is the best performance-wise.
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  1. The three of them are pretty much what we call overkill. You say that price is no concern but you would be paying a lot and not getting so much back in the first one. Don't make your parents waste more money (10,000!?) on something that will make only a small difference. Even if price doesn't matter the difference between various i7's in gaming is practically none, but the best would be the 3970x. As for the graphics card, having 3x Titans is the winner, but personally I'd go with 2x 780. Everything else is up to preference and won't make a huge impact in gaming.
  2. I would go with the first one. It has newer hardware and the 4th generation Intel 4770k. That with SLI GTX 780s will pretty much blow any game away. If price is really no issue though, then the last one is the best. 3x Titans is will destroy any game for years to come.
  3. WOW !!!!!! Man, those are some rigs. I agree with Conor, although he said the first one and it is in fact the third one. The second one with a three way GTX Titan set up was definitely over kill. The other two both are sli which is fine ( the 690's were basically having 4 GPUs ). Conor pretty much says it all. You will be on top of things for some time to come witrh that thing. I think you will be very happy with that one.
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    If it were my money, I would get rig # 3 with the Haswell and the SLI'd 780s. I would add an additional hard drive for media storage if you have a lot of video/audio files like I do. That rig will definitely be able to accomplish any task you set it to without going too far overboard. 2 SLI'd 780s should be able to play even BF4 when it releases at ultra settings
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