Can't fit CPU onto motherboard, is it uncompatible?

Hi there, I've just bought an AMD A10 5800K processor and when I tried to install it into my older ASUS P5Q-E motherboard I found the cpu was just barely too big to fit in the socket. Is there a way I can fit it in or did I buy an incompatible processor? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Obviously, it's an AMD APU and needs a FM mobo, the mobo is an old Intel socket 775 mobo
  2. The first poster is correct. You have an incompatible processor for your motherboard.

    According to ASUS's CPU support list for your motherboard:

    The best CPU's you can possibly buy for that motherboard would be a Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, or a Core 2 Extreme. Before you purchase another CPU for your motherboard, I would recommend consulting the list at the link I posted for you and make sure your board lists the CPU you are planning to buy. Since those are older CPUs, expect to find them in limited selection, at best, or perhaps you may find a better price on one in the used market.
  3. I would just buy a different motherboard for your A10 to be honest. How did you possibly get a 775 board new?
  4. Actually, he didn't purchase the motherboard new, just the CPU, and while more performance will likely be found in upgrading the OP's motherboard to support the APU he purchased, he will almost certainly have to look at upgrading his RAM as well.
  5. Thanks all for the input so far, yes it is an older motherboard and I am not opposed to getting a new motherboard as I have already upgraded most parts in my computer already, the CPU being the latest step. I currently have 4g of ram with room for two more sticks, is that enough?Also, can anyone suggest a motherboard that will be ok with the CPU and my graphics card, a NVIDIA GeFOrce GTX 650Ti?
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    There is no point in pairing an APU such as the, A10 5800k which you have purchased, with a discrete graphics card. APUs are designed specifically with their own graphics built onto the processor chip, and as such, the processor in an APU has different design goals that are meant to keep the combined power usage of both the CPU and GPU sections under certain limits. You would get better performance with a different CPU / motherboard combination than this one.

    If you're unable to return your processor due to it being out of a package, or other reasons, you will need a motherboard with a Socket FM2 to use it. Any motherboard with that socket should work for your processor. Here is a list of motherboards that all have a Socket FM2 for the processor:

    Keep in mind, you will need DDR3 RAM to use with the processor and motherboard.
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