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I am installing Windows media center. Before it started- it said- it will take a while depending on updates it needs, and that it will restart at least once- do not manually restart it. I left it alone and switched to another computer via KVM switch. About 10 minutes later I wanted to check on the installation. The monitor is dark and blinking as if computer was off, KVM is solid as if computer was on. All lights on computer are on. The hard drive light (I think that’s what it is) blinking about every 5 seconds to 30 seconds like it doing something, but it’s been a while as it did not wake up or restart. Should I press “reset” button or power? I mean- it said- do not manually restart it, but I did not expect it to install something with dark monitor. I also do not want to interrupt some important process and cause all kind of problems. How long should I wait? Thank you.
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  1. After 30 minutes of waiting I used reset button. It restarted. WM Center was installed, it looks fine. I do not understand why it failed to restart. But ok.
  2. Check your power management options beforehand next time. Your PC probably tried--and failed--to go into a sleep state. If this happens during an install it can cause some nasty issues. After = no biggie as in your case.
  3. It looks like it went sleep, but how come it wont wake up? Also I thought when computer goes sleep, it still able to install, or it should not sleep because it is activity. So- should I se sleep for longer interval? Thank you.
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