Is Geforce GTX650 2GB a good gpu for gaming?

I consider switching my geforce gts 250 to a Geforce GTX650 2GB. Is this a good gpu for a casual game who wants to be able to play all the current games but not on the higher graphics necessarily?

my pc specs:

cpu:intel core i3 530 2,93ghz

motherboard: Foxconn H55MXV series

gpu:nVida Geforce gts 250

ram:4GB (two rams 2gb each)

OS:win 7 32 bit

PSU:600W max
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    It's better to drop the extra on the 650ti boost, its a little more expensive but massively outperforms it, its currently the best card there is in terms of FPS per dollar.
  2. At this price point the best purchase you could do is to buy an AMD graphics card.
    A 7750 or a 7770 would be ideal for your system
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