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Wireless Ping Spikes

June 16, 2013 1:19:03 PM

Greetings ..
For about 3 months now, I'm having this strange issue with my wireless internet connection.
When pinging to my router (or anywhere for that matter), I'm getting a single spike from 2-3k and then it's all normal again.
As far as I noticed the spikes are random (so not time based). Sometimes I'm getting them once/half hour, sometimes 30/half hour
Example: (This one being single in half an hour) (This is what I'm having atm)
It's getting really frustrating (especially when playing a game). I've been doing some research about it, but haven't found anything that fixed it yet.
Wireless Adapter: D-Link DWA-556 AP
Windows 7 64bit
If any more details are required, please ask! ^^
There are 2 other ppl using this wireless connection, but they don't have this issue. And no, it's not caused because of them, because I'm getting it even when they aren't home.

Thanks in advance!

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