Galaxy GTX 660 2gb with 2.0 motherboard

Im still kinda learning about backwards compatible pci express lanes and what they can handle. like some video cards wont be bottlenecked by a 2.0 because it doesn't put out as much as a 3.0. so I was wondering if one of you could help tell me if a Galaxy GTX 660 (not TI) wont be bottlenecked by a pci express 2.0 lane.
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  1. Hello sir,
    Your graphics card is compatible with a pci express 2.0 lane
    Although pci express 3.0 has higher data transfer rates,it is hardly noticeable.
    Please continue with your purchase.
  2. Best answer
    Aye, only the top end of the 700 series, the 690 and the Titan really approach being limited by pcie 2.0
    You're more than fine :P
  3. interesting thanks for the info
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