Anyone have leftover reference coolers (Titan, GTX780, GTX690, GTX680) for sale?

I recently upgraded my system to an i7-4770k and managed to get a decent deal on a GTX580 to match my old one. These are ASUS DCUII GTX580, and the performance is great. However, the card in slot one has serious trouble getting airflow.

I removed the shrouds from both and that made it usable. But I would really like to modify the setup to exhaust the heat from the cards out.

In looking at the PCBs from the Titan/780 it seems possible to fit that cooler with a few modifications onto the 580. Haven't really looked at the 690/680 coolers, but making the cards narrower might be enough.

If anyone has leftover coolers from setting up a watercooling loop I would be interested in purchasing them. (I am located in Indiana, US for shipping calculations)

I'm also open to other ideas, but before anyone asks, I haven't been able to locate any of the EK waterblocks for the 580 DCUIIs, they are out of stock or attached to video cards for sale. (And for that expense it would make sense to buy new cards anyway) This is just an experiment I really want to take a whack at. I do have plans to get new video card(s) in the next 6 months to a year.

Send me a PM, Thanks.
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  1. There are many water block and reference coolers over on eBay :)
  2. Well, I don't like that it only covers the gpu and not the vrms. But thanks for the suggestion.
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