My friend is worried.

He has a 660 Ti and he is worried that the PS4 is going to be better than what he has. Will it?

His current setup:
3770k, stock.
Asus PBZ77-V PRO.
660 Ti SC 2 GB.
8 GB 1600.
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  1. his gpu is much better then the ps4 one, that being said, games created for the ps4 and ported for pc might still run better on ps4
  2. PS4 has a GPU a bit slower than the regular 660
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    He should not be worried at all. Alot of people over estimate the power of amd cpu's, let alone apu's
  4. To tell you the truth, I was worried too lol.
  5. "Alot" of people "under estimate" them too.
  6. lol I guess if your not a hardware specialist but when you look at the statistics of an apu and what it sacrifices compared to a dedicated cpu with a dedicated gpu its not an under estimation at all
  7. the ps4 is based on a custom 7870 design I believe? Or am i confusing the xbone? Either way, thats the hardware the ps4 is stuck with, The standard 7870 is somewhere between a 660 and a 660ti. His pc is on par or slightly better than (just in terms of the GPUthe CPU leaves it in the dust)... but if he was going to buy a ps4? He could use that money and buy a new GPU for the price of the ps4 and put it safely in its place, daring it to try to stand up to the power of pc's again ;)
  8. The PS4 will be switching to GCN meaning it will more power powerful then any current APUs.

    A 660ti should still be able to keep up for the most part, but expect console ports to be fairly intense.
  9. His cpu is by far more powerfull and his gpu is slightly better so yes it will be ahead and if he feels like buying a ps4 buy a 770 instead and be way ahead of the ps4 in every terms
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