Network keeps disconnecting and reconnecting

I've have this trouble for months now, I've been looking for help through the internet but none seems to be able to help me, my internet connection keeps on disconnecting, like when I am on skype with my friends and playing a game with them, I would disconnect and it gets really annoying. Sometimes when it disconnects I have to manually connect (go to my network and click "connect"), and sometimes when I do that, it says "Unable to connect to network". I don't know what to do, I've tried unplugging the router and re-plugging it, I've tried to change my ip adress, and none seems to work.

I have a wireless WLAN Broadband Router. My house has 2 iDevices and 4 computers that use the network, 2 computer uses cable and 2 doesn't. Most of the time its only 2 computers and 2 iDevices connecting to it, is it because of too many connections by any chance??
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  1. Are you able to see this problem with your wired connection ? Does it happen with all the devices? Could it be your wireless range issue?
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