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I have a 320GB, a 1.5TB HDD, and a 120GB SSD. I want both the SSD and the 1.5TB to be use for a new PC I am building.

The thing is that I have another pre built PC that currently uses only the 1.5TB HDD. The SSD will be used as a boot drive and the 1.5TB will be the main storage. Both will be used for the new PC.

I already have another copy of Windows 7 on the SSD. I want to transfer the Windows 7 from the 1.5TB HDD to the 320GB HDD, which will be used for the older pre built PC. Is this possible. Any posts are welcome.
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    1: make backups of everything.
    2: uninstall programs/apps on the prebuilt system until the total space taken on the hdd is under 300gb.
    3: clone the 1.5tb to the 320gb
    4: install the 320gb in place of the 1.5tb and boot up to make sure everything works. (If it doesn't then you'll be really happy with step1.)
    5: use the ssd and 1.5tb in your new system.
  2. Oh wow! I don't know why I didn't think of that before. I have a 2TB Backup drive so that should work perfectly. Thanks.
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