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Okay, I know this has been posted several times and I've gone through them with no avail. I can boot up and log in to windows with the onboard graphics (igpu), but whenever I try to install a graphics card I get a blank screen after the Windows 7 splash (prior to windows log in screen). WTF! My computer worked fine before I moved it from my office to my house (removed no hardware). Anyway, any ideas would be great. FYI - running an Asus Formula V MB (had issues but got the MB running properly). Thanks.
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  1. Check that the video card still seated and the ram and cables. Check to see if anyone installed the MVP software that bonds the ipgpu and gpu. It buggy and causes issues. In the bios have you set the main output to peg/pci and turned off muilt monitor to disable the onboard gpu. Made sure the newest intel chipset and bios is on your mb. There been a lot of bios updates for asus mb.
  2. Have you loaded the cards drivers prior to the physical install of the card
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