Need help to find out my Motherboard type

Good night everyone

i need help with a couple of issues.

First one is that i don't know what type of Motherboard i have (atx, mini atx or itx), i tried searching all over but to no avail, even at the manufacturer of my OEM pc (acer aspire M3910)

second one, i'm going to buy a new case for it because my OEM case doesn't have enough airflow and fans to cool my Gtx 560, and i need to know if my motherboard can support the 5 fans that the Zalman Z11 plus brings.

My system Specs:
Motherboard: ???? (some programs just call it acer aspire m3910)
cpu: i3 550 3.3ghz
Psu: lc-power 650w
Gpu: Gigabyte gtx 560 1 ddr5
Ram: 4gb

hope the community can help me for i need a quick answer

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    Try PC Wizard or Belarc Advisor
  2. all it says is

    main circuit board: Acer Aspire M3910
    Bus Clock: 133 megahertz
    BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. P01-A3 05/17/2010
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