i7 3770k vs 4770k oc

Ok im building a rendering system that also is for gaming forensic level data carving and im pretty sure going with 770gtx or 780 or 680 for gpu and i7 3770k ot r 4770k now I know 4770k is stock better but with more heat and a decent oc with mid range water cooling cpu be better im leaning 3770k with better clock but will it still be better with fewer instructions per clock? And plan on 3 or 4 monitor setup and want good frame rates been recommended nvidia over amd but best 700 or less configuration. I know nvidia will have to to sli but am afraid of microstudder I want most games 60 fps possibly a equivalent of eyefinity but more often for efficient multitasking ie game with browser on other screen and maybe homework on other btw for now using autocad electrical and inventor/solidworks for school and few simulation programs a little programming as well ie cb labview c++ learning as well as java sorry for typos on phone btw leaning towards nvidia but not excluding amd
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  1. One Thing. You can't go with a high settings 60FPS 5760x1080 4x AA in crysis 3 even with 4 way titans !

    So Don't expect it.. :lol:

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