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Does anyone know how long will intel stick to 1150 socket so i know what build should i buy or wait.
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  1. If it goes like the first through third gen Core i series, two years. Haswell supports it, and Broadwell (the tweaking/ die shrink of Haswell due out next year) will probably work with it. After that, who knows - but Intel doesn't have a great recent history.

    There also have been hints that Intel may be moving more towards BGA sockets, that is, CPUs soldered onto the board and thus non-replaceable.
  2. Lots floating around on that, think popular opinion is Broadwell will continue the 1150, then Skylake will will enter with a new socket...think release of DDR4 may play in
  3. wish they'd do something similar to 775, lots of compatible generations
  4. To a large degree, I agree, I keep a high end 775/9650 rig, a 1155/2500K and an 1155/3750K around for support purposes and soon to add a 1150/Haswell for support/testing (think I'll prob drop the 775 soon and put it in with my loaners, sort of a shame, still a great rig, 8GB, runs at 4GHz
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