burning problem on pinnacles studio 15

I using pinnacle studio 15 but cannot burn a disc on one of my projects It works for other projects but stops a few 100 frames from the end of the movie and the computer screen freezes. Noticed it does not as me to replace previous disc content on this project but asks on other projects. Does anyone knoe how to fix this problem. Thanks Drew
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  1. When you burn a project and all the content is to fit onto one disk then you must disable multi-session, and select "Fit onto disk" option.

    If you have been using the Pc for many hours, the burning of a third disk might not have enough cache memory avaiable, best to save the project, restart PC then try to burn with a clear cache.

    If the project is larger than the other projects, you might be too close to the edge and not enough space to burn the entire project.
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