screen flicker problem

ive been messing around with msi afterburner lately and after finding a good oc setting ive been using its been running quite well
but after installing some new graphics mods on skyrim i thought maybe i could make my gpu run just a little bit better
i took it from 800 core mhz and 1050 memory mhz to 825 core mhz and 1075 memory mhz and it ran fine on furmark for a while (after trying it on 1600x1200 for the first time)
then i decided i will advance on it tommorow
i then went to watch some videos on youtube and experienced this:
to be completely honest i have no idea what it is that is wrong.
i assume its either a monitor failure or gpu failure (oced gpu and old monitor)
if anybody can help i would be greatly appreciative
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  1. i have temorarily fixed the problem by resetting the resolution and changing it back to what i had before and i will return if i experience trouble again
  2. seems to me like driver problem;what's the refresh rate of your monitor?what gpu do u own?have u tried resetting ur video card to it's factory settings?does this solve the problem?
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