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Hello. Yesterday, I spent a lot of time playing Battlefield 3. Oddly, my PC randomly just shut down without warning. It did this a few times, and each time I just turned it back on. However, the final time this happened, my PC started in POST saying "Primary Slave Hard Disk Error". I have heard a lot of possible explanations for this,but I was wondering if anyone could help. By the way, I have two hard drives, neither are detected in BIOS, even when plugged in very securely. If you need additional information, let me know and I can help you to help me! Thanks!
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  1. is the sata mode in ahci, ide, compatability, or raid?
  2. I'm not sure how do I check? Also, it's been running perfectly for about a year an a half.
  3. you'll need to test your harddrive in another pc. Its possible that your motherbd controller has failed or the drives themselves have failed.
  4. Okay I'll try it in another PC tomorrow. Here's my theory, tell me if seems likely: Could it be that my power supply was failing (causing my PC to shut down randomly) eventually, my power is at the point where it doesn't have enough power to boot my HDD. Does that theory sound likely?
  5. Hdd spinning up uses about 10w.
    Motherbd uses 40 ish
    cpu uses alot more depending on what you have 15w to 150w

    The fact that you can boot up to see the POST message seems to indicate its not a power issue. When you turn on the computer put a finger on top of the hdd, if it you can feel it spinning up then its even less likely to be a power problem.
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    So, I put it in my buddy's PC. Didn't work. Then, I put his drive in my PC and I am just shown a black screen with a blinking white cursor...
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