Upgrading 9500 GT to 7750 HD. PSU 400 watt. Problem?

Hey guys,
I have a 9500 GT which i want to upgrade to a Sapphire HD 7750.
I also have an unknown brand PSU which says max 400w.

I was wondering if my PSU could run my new graphic card without damaging my computer. Just for your info the 9500 GT apparently uses 50w and the 7750 uses 55w according to and I've been able to run the 9500 GT without problems.

My specs:
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 @ 2.5 Ghz
500 GB Hard Disk
DVD Writer
9500 GT 1GB

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  1. you'll have no problems. frankly you could probably (safely) run up to a 150W gpu on that machine with that unknown and no name psu.
  2. Best answer
    HD7750 doesn't consume more power than 9500gt during full load, meaning if your current PSU is handling a 9500gt without any problems then it will power a HD7750 normally, too.
  3. Thanks a lot for such quick responses guys. I can now buy my gpu without any worries. Cheers!
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