Is the Asus Sabertooth Z87 good for overclocking and running graphics cards in SLI/Crossfire?

I plan on getting this motherboard with the 4770k from microcenter for $499. I also would like to get two 770's to run in SLI. Would the motherboard be able to handle it? And I know that all CPU's are different but if I use a H100i cooler and this motherboard will I be able to hit at least 4.5 GHz?
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  1. Yes, OK board for OC-ing, good for SLI and there aren't any compatibility problem with H100i in that setup. 4.5ghz can be expected using H100i. But if you only game and don't do editing or rendering then getting 4670k instead will save your some money while gaming performance remains the same, plus it's easier to OC with an i5 than in i7 due to less heat.
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