Is 2GB of VRAM enough for a 1080P monitor?

I plan on running 2 770's in SLI. Im concerned that since the 770's only have 2gb of vRAM that it might hinder my performance in games. I dont have enough money too get the 4gb versions in SLI. So can I run games like Crysis 3 and Battlfield 4 fine with only 2GB of vram? I will have 2 monitors hooked up. One playing games at the resolution of 1920x1080 and another monitor just for browsing the web or watching a movie while I play a game running at 1600x900
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  1. BF 3 ULTRA textures use 1.9 ish GB VRAm. You are fine. Only problem is the won't be able to play anything with all the crashes and artifacting.
  2. It will be enough for a fair while, though some higher end games are already starting to use more than 2GB at 1080p. I'v seen Crysis 3 use more than 2GB on my rig.

    Why do you have dual cards for a single 1080p display? (that your actually gaming on)
    Thats pretty overkill, you would be better saving yourself $200 and just getting a single 780, which also gets you that 3GB of VRAM.
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