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Hey i need help.
im using a Mag BP2418W monior on VGA, but after installing Windows 8 64 bit, it seems that Windows tought the monitor is 20 inc higher that it is, basouse a cant auto adjust the monitor so it fit, right now i can see butom line whit taskbar, but if open a webbrowser and have to type in a web adresse, i need to manuel skroll up the dekstop screen 20 inc so i can see the webbrowser line, and i have try Intel newest driver, but dosent help, mayby i have to buy i a new monitor WHO use DVI output. Kind Regards Martin Sjelle
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  1. Open your desktop, the actual desktop not the metro interface. Than right mouse click and go to properties, and to monitor or display. And tell me what it reads does it read the monitor correctly as in. Mag BP2418W or does it just say Generic VGA monitor. If it doesn't state your monitor properly it might be a driver issue with the monitor it self. In which case u will have to write your own driver for the monitor (it's easier than it sounds). But first things first answer that one question.
  2. Maybe there are no drivers for your video card installed. Then it will install a default video driver and ends up in running something like an 800 x 600 resolution. Check at the video cards manufacturers website if there are drivers for your video card for Windows 8 64 bit.
  3. Hey, it says "Generic VGA monitor".

    Kind regards Martin Sjelle
  4. Martin Sjelle said:
    Hey, it says "Generic VGA monitor".

    Kind regards Martin Sjelle

    First check if indeed you have all of your graphic card drivers. To do this press the Windows Key.
    Than type Computer and click with your right mouse button on Computer and go to properties. On the side of the window that will open you will see Device Manager. Open device manager and look if anything there has a yellow sigh --------> ! <-------- . If they don't have it than my only guess would be to make a custom driver for your monitor like i said earlier. That was the issue with mine.
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