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hi all

i have an i5 3570k and gtx660 from msi and i am experiencing fps drops in bfbc2, i also play bf3 with fps cap at 80fps and that game is smooth and never drops. Only when i play some bc2 the fps drop from 140 to mid 40's and go up again. Temps are fine (stock cpu and gpu both around 50-60°c when playing) Anybody got an idea?
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  1. •So if a graphics card barely manages less than 30 FPS, then the game is not very playable, we want to avoid that at all cost.
    •With 30 FPS up-to roughly 40 FPS you'll be very able to play the game with perhaps a tiny stutter at certain graphically intensive parts. Overall a very enjoyable experience. Match the best possible resolution to this result and you'll have the best possible rendering quality versus resolution, hey you want both of them to be as high as possible.
    •When a graphics card is doing 60 FPS on average or higher then you can rest assured that the game will likely play extremely smoothly at every point in the game, turn on every possible in-game IQ setting.
    •Over 100 FPS? You either have a MONSTER graphics card or a very old game.

    So I think this is not a big problem when you are getting more than 40 FPS. A human eye can't catch the difference over 30 FPS. It's a theory.
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