Cloning my hdd to my ssd without a cd/dvd drive for software

I need to know the most hassle free way of transfering my hdd to my ssd. I do not have a cd/dvd drive.
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  1. usb?
  2. I thought you needed some sort of software to start that process. I know that most ssd come with that transfer cable.
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    plug the ssd into your pc with sata. you can download programs online that will clone it for you (xxclone is one that i have used, just download the pro trial). pick the original drive as the source and the ssd as the target then hit clone. let it do its thing and make sure to go under the cool tools section if you use xxclone and make it bootable.

    thats one way to do it, im sure there are others but its worked for me in the past. most importantly you dont need a cd drive for it.
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