Help! Possible AMD 7950 Problems, certain games crash-restart system.

I have a Gigabyte AMD 7950 3GB. I got it a few months ago. It is basically a brand new card that uses 1x 6 pin and 1x 8 pin power connector.
Link to the model:

The problem is when I try to play "certain games," my entire system crashes and restarts - no BSOD, no error message, the system just shuts down power and restarts. For both Alan Wake and Crysis, it crashes right after the developer logo - when I am about to enter the menu screen or trailer.

I have Alan Wake and Crysis Warhead on Steam on my HDD, D drive. I have Crysis 1 as a disc (non-steam) on my SSD, C drive. So it's not a harddrive issue.

1. My system crashes only for certain games - when I try to play Alan Wake, Crysis 1, Crysis Warhead. For Crysis Wars MWLL mod, I can get past the menu screen, but it crashes/reboots my computer when I try to enter a server.
2. I play Crysis 3, Battlefield 3, and MetroLast Light just fine on MAX settings...these are far more graphically intensive. (GPU maxes out at 60'C)
3. I have run furmark to test my GPU, and it maxes out at 65'C after 20 minutes, no crashes.
4. I have run prime95 to test my CPU, it maxes out at 60'C, no crashes.
5. My specs are i7 2600k, 16GB DDR3 RAM, SSD & HD, and Zalman 750watt PSU with 60 amps on 12v rail. (enough power to run 2x 7950)
6. I have the graphics card on FACTORY/STOCK settings...I even downclocked by 200 MHz, but it still crashes.

*I did eventually get Alan Wake to work by force-starting the game in a lower-resolution window mode, and then changing the resolution in game. However, my GPU experiences a very loud whine (coil whine?) when I am playing the game. This is weird since the game isn't very graphically intensive, and iirc, I have it V-synch fps capped at 60. More intensive games such as Crysis 3 & Battlefield 3 don't have any whine at all.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem or know how I can solve my problem? I really want to replay Crysis (it worked fine with my other GPUs in the past) and the Crysis Wars mod Mechwarrior Living Legends.

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  1. Latest drivers?
  2. Yes, drivers are latest I believe (from May or June 2013).
  3. I've also used drive sweeper to get rid of old drivers and any left over Nvidia drivers.
  4. wierd, try to google your problems or search if other people gave the same issues with your videocard in those games
  5. Yep, I've googled it. Most of their problems stem from using bad PSU - and they crash in all games and benchmarks. It's not a PSU issue for me... my problem is idk if it's the GPU is bad, the GPU driver or bios is bad, or some other software update screwed it up.
  6. Rebooting does sound like a PSU issue regardless. I urge you to try another one. The PSU could be the think whining too.
  7. It is not a PSU problem. My PSU can run 2x 7950 with no problems. I currently have no problem running prime95, furmark, and playing a game at the same time. HW monitor shows my 12v rails are fine.

    My computer only reboots in Crysis 1 and Alan Wake. All my other games that take a greater toll on my PC - Metro LL, Crysis 3, BF3, and they play just fine.
  8. I just did an complete OS install and driver install, it still crashes my system.

    I think I may have figured out the problem - correct me if I'm wrong.

    My GPU is the problem when it reaches it max VDDC voltage of 1.250. Under furmark and gaming, it doesn't reach this voltage. However, under certain programs and games (ones that aren't the most graphically intensive for some reason),
    it reaches max voltage and the GPU whine occurs. I ran OCCT and furmark, and my GPU ran fine at 100% load. Then I ran Mark 06, and it crashed when my GPU wasn't at full load but when the VDDC went up to 1.250 and started whining.

    Btw, my Gigabyte 7950's default factory stats are:
    1000 Clock (typically at 900) and 1250 Memory. Max VDDC goes up to 1.250. This VDDC seems very high for factory settings...does anyone else have 1.250 VDDC for a 7950?


    I'm not 100% sure, because I'm playing Battlefield 3 right now and it runs fine, a bit of coil whine and VDDC at 1.250 (no crashes yet).
  9. try to lower your max voltage in AMD overdrive or try MSI afterburner and set it 1,22v
  10. believe it or not, These two step solve my game crash problem,

    1) go download "powerup tuner" software from PowerColor website, then use the software to reduce 100MHZ for both your GPU & Graphic Memory Clock

    2) GPU Voltage set to 1.1, then you will get to play the game without crash

    Dont ask me why, it just works for me [crysis 3/ crysis 2 / bioshock infinity / alan wake ]<----------GAME CRASH FIXED!!!

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