Micro ATX next gen build

Need some ideas on a micro AXT build i wanted to use the corsair 350D and i was looking as a sub $1000 build with the radeon 7950 if possible keep in mind its Australian prices so here is a link:

Also id like to O/C to so i know you cant do it well with AMD at micro atx size so if you got an AMD at ATX size a nice case similar to the corsair 350D or the Coolmaster storm enforcer which is nice to. And lastly a 120Gb SSD if possible.
I want it to specifically play the next games like BF4 for example

Ive built a few builds and they just exceed the 1k budget so need some ideas.

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  1. yeah. they basically all have to go around the 1200 mark if you want good performance in the next gen games
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